What makes the Kleemann Kompressor so efficient?
The Kleemann Kompressor utilizes a positive displacement Eaton supercharger. The Eaton superchargers we use are the most current versions of the MP119 and TVS2300. Superchargers are sized for their applications in such a away that high drive ratios are avoided, keeping discharge air temps down and adiabatic efficiency high. Water to air intercoolers are used on all Kleemann Kompressor Systems, which reduce intake air temperatures, increasing charge air density. The denser the air charge, the more power produced at a given pressure.


How does Kleemann ensure long-lasting tuning solutions?
Our goal when developing Kleemann tuning solutions is to ensure everyday usability and durability. This is particularly true for our performance parts. That is why intelligent safety features, managing component load and preventing component overload are employed. Safety features of the engine or drivetrain management will never be compromised. Durability and usability of Kleemann tuning solutions are thoroughly tested in extensive road tests and on our test stand. Dyno testing prior to customer delivery ensures that everything is within specifications.


Will an engine fitted with a Kleemann tuning solution always live up to the performance figures as promised by Kleemann?
Testing a vehicle on a dynamometer is a science that most workshops do not devote enough resources to. Ambient weather conditions, fuel quality and the general state of maintenance of any one car can greatly affect a dynamometer reading. On the open road a driver’s skill, quality of tire compound, road friction and hundreds of other variables can lead to better or worse performance figures than quoted. All the figures Kleemann uses are derived in our in house dynamometer test cell where atmospheric conditions are precisely controlled and monitored. The dynamometer cell at Kleemann uses state of the art equipment that has been certified by the Danish department of weights and measures. Kleemann also uses performance figures from independent automobile testing laboratories and automotive publications. While the stated performance figures have been documented and achieved they are by no means guaranteed.


What impact will the enhanced power output from a Kleemann tuning solution have on the engine and drivetrain?
Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a very robust engine and drivetrain capable of handling far more power than the cars produce in stock trim. The electronic control systems of the drivetrain produce very smooth shifts, nearly eliminating drive train shock loading, a primary cause of any drive train failure. In short: Engine and drive train will not suffer due to the enhanced power output.


Will the 7G-tronic be able to handle the power of a Kleemann tuning solution?
The 7-speed 7G-tronic transmission (722.9) has now replaced the most of the 5-speed (722.6) transmissions Mercedes Benz used since 2000. All new N/A V6 and V8 vehicles are now being built with the WA700 variant of the 7G-tronic. The WA700 variant is endurance load rated by Mercedes Benz at 760 Nm (560 lbs/ft) of torque. This means the transmission will handle this amount of power continuously with out failure. There will never be a time where one can develop this kind of power continuously on the road. Momentary load ratings are easily 35 % higher than continuous ratings, and the 7G-tronic transmission will easily handle the performance from a Kleemann conversion. The 7G-tronic has been available since 2004, and Kleemann has modified many of these vehicles. None of these modified vehicles has had any trouble to date, many of them having logged in excess of 160,000 km (100,000 miles).

Can I combine tuning solutions from different manufacturers?
Kleemann does not recommend mixing tuning solutions from different manufacturers. Each individual solution changes a number of parameters in order to achieve a certain output. By combining different solutions one risks that the different parameters influenced when tuning an engine like ignition timing, boost pressure, fuel amount, fuel pressure etc. etc. are changed and no longer support the desired outcome. Combining different and not harmonized modifications can lead to conflicts in engine management, incorrect mixture, incorrect ignition timing. Risks are that the engine will start to run lean under load, thus suffer significant damage. Or ignition timing can be wrong, the engine starts knocking. Pistons will crack and eventually the engine will suffer a major breakdown.


Why should I buy a Kleemann LSD when MB says my car already has one?
While Mercedes Benz does sell select vehicles with a mechanical LSD, Mercedes-Benz primarily uses the ESP system to try and duplicate the effects of a mechanical LSD. This approach works for 90% of drivers, but it is not without its drawbacks, and far from a performance minded approach. If the ESP system senses wheel spin outside a predetermined parameter the system applies the brakes to the spinning wheel, which transfers power to the opposing wheel. If the opposing wheel begins to spin the system pulses the brakes on both wheels, if this does not mitigate the wheel spin the throttle begins to close to limit torque production of the engine. This is a passive, or after the event, approach to limiting wheel spin.

The Kleemann Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is a torque sensing mechanism. Progressive transfer of power between drive wheels, but never “locking”, it distributes power seamlessly and instantaneously between both wheels. The driver is never caught off guard by the sudden transfer of power to the opposite wheel. There are no clutches to wear out, and maintenance is as a simple as changing the oil at regular intervals. The Kleemann LSD will provide motive force to both wheels, prevent individual wheel spin and will reduce power interruption from the ESP system. This strategy allows for consistent power delivery to the drive wheels for maximum performance.


What kind of warranty is provided by Kleemann?
All Kleemann products are covered by a one year guarantee. In the unlikely event of a component failure, Kleemann offers a 12 month warranty period for all components fitted correctly. Upon installation, the compressor and its parts are guaranteed by Kleemann for 12 months or 100000 km/60000 mls, whichever occurs first. Extension of the guarantee period will take place according to the law in the respective country where the product has been sold. Your local Kleemann dealer will be pleased to give you all the information applicable to your conversion.

(Terms and Conditions apply. The above is for illustration purposes only and is not a comprehensive explanation of all Terms and Conditions. This is not an offer or contract and is not legally binding in any way)


Who can provide service for my Kleemann car?
An authorized Kleemann dealer can provide service for Kleemann products; any authorized Mercedes-Benz repair facility can perform routine service on the vehicle. It is recommended to contact an authorized Kleemann dealer prior to service work.


What influence does a Kleemann Kompressor have on the cars fuel consumption?
During city driving you can expect to loose approx. 0.5 km/l. (approx. 1 mpg). On the highway your fuel consumption may not change at all. Of course if you are constantly at full throttle you will undoubtedly burn more fuel than a stock vehicle. Fuel consumption is entirely dependant on driving style.


Who can fit Kleemann products to my car?
Authorized Kleemann dealers can fit Kleemann products. Only authorized dealers have been trained by Kleemann technical staff in the proper installation and tuning of KLEEMANN products. Qualified Mercedes Benz service centers should also be capable of installing Kleemann products.


Can a Kleemann tuning product be dismantled from my car once it’s been mounted?
Yes, all of Kleemann’s tuning products are designed to be non-envasive to the vehicle, no permanent changes are required. You may remove a product at any time and return the vehicle to OE.


Will fitting of a Kleemann tuning product require any changes to the basic construction and design of the engine?
No, all tuning products are designed and built to be used with an OE engine.

Why are our Performance products “designed for off-road or motorsport” use only?
This passage is an international standard disclaimer, which is customary in the car tuning industry. It is included in our communication, since we cannot guarantee that any and all local regulations and laws regarding engine tuning etc. will be upheld. It does not mean that our products are unsafe or affect everyday drivability adversely.