How To Order

The Kleemann HQ in Denmark

Simply follow the steps below!

1.  Your order must include;

Which car model you have (we want to make sure you get the right product)
Which product you would like to purchase

Name/address/phone number to where the products are sold to

Name/address/phone number to where the products are shipped to (address)

2. Send your order to

3. When Kleemann receives your order – you will automatically receive a commercial invoice

4. Please pay the commercial invoice to the listed bank account information on the commercial invoice.

5. Kleemann receives your payment when confirmed by our bank.

6. Immediately after Kleemann receive your payment,  you will receive an e-mail confirming paid invoice.

7. Now your products are ready to ship – we ship out EXPRESS, unless other arrangement has been made with you.

NB: If your order is an EC B2B sale/VAT free sale – please include your company EC valid VAT number

ECU Upgrade

When sending an ECU to Kleemann, please use FEDEX/UPS or DHL.

Don’t use our Royal Post Service. This will prolong our service (up to 4 weeks) due to customer clearance, and you will be charged an extra fee.
Shipping Address:

Rugmarken 27b
3520 Farum
Phone +45 70 109 109