Comfort Power

Since 1988 Kleemann has manufactured supercharger engines exclusively for Mercedes-Benz engines. Since that thine Kleemann has continually improved its original design to offer the most efficient, powerful and safe engine tuning solution.  Nearly 26 years of intensive research and development of supercharger engines has made Kleemann the world leader in supercharger technology.

Kleemann Supercharger Systems offer the highest power out puts at the lowest boost pressures. Kleemann accomplishes this in several ways. First Kleemann utilizes the most efficient positive displacement screw supercharger available. Kleemann chooses this type of supercharger over all others due to its ability to develop boost at very low engine speeds and to maintain that boost consistently to maximum engine speed. This provides smooth power band with no peaks and valleys and translates into immediate power on demand with no hesitation. Second, Kleemann couples the screw supercharger with a sophisticated intercooler design. Kleemann’s intercooler design utilizes a patented heat exchanger that provides 40 % better cooling than typical intercoolers. This combination of components is critical to a system design that provides excellent power and is safe to the engine.

The best performance with the highest quality and attention to detail- not merely a slogan but a ind set. Kleemann Supercharger Systems are CARB and TÜV approved.