1_Kleemann AMG Supercharged SLS(1)

Kleemann Supercharged SLS

“The acceleration is simply from another world; 100km/h in less than 3.3 seconds!”

Kleemann A/S in Denmark, has developed a tremendous power package, which is solely focused around the engine and exhaust system: The only thing the SLS needs to give it an even higher thrill, is the brutal power – one thing Kleemann knows how to do.

The SLS AMG‘s high revving 6,2 L normally aspirated V8 engine is changed into a furious powerhouse by the KLEEMANN SUPERCHARGER, the signature product of the Danish high performance tuning specialist. The in house developed and manufactured Supercharger system is manufactured from billet aluminum, carefully milled out from solid alloy blocks, and black anodized. The finished assembly looks and feels factory, there is no disappointment when the bonnet is popped.   Read the full press release here